PDF Library has three Action Centers:

Use PDF Library to Create PDF Apps

Create the best and most accurate PDF from any document using the PDF Library. PDF Library uses sandboxed, multi-threaded Printer Driver to create PDFs. This means your PDFs are the best possible PDF and your PDF Apps handle errors, are multi-threaded and enterprise class.

You can write your PDF Apps in the language of your choice including C#, Java, Python and many more.

Modify your PDFs with PDF Library

Stamp, edit, and modify your PDF with a few lines of code in the language of your choice.

Convert your PDF to an image with PDF Library

Use the PDF Library to convert your PDF to an image with the format resolution of your choice.

Feature Description Benefit Action Center
Common Features Available on all functions All
Graphical Action Center Quick PDF App Development All
Multiple Programming Languages Work with your existing system All
Built-in Error Handling Build a PDF App that works through corrupted documents All
Multi-Threading Create fast PDF Apps All
Creating PDF Powerful PDF Creation Action Center
Printer Settings Control the output of your PDF “print” formats such as page orientation, size, color etc. Printer Explorer
Font Embedding Embed fonts in your PDF for authenticity or exclude them to save size. Printer Explorer
Image Settings Set type and quality of image. Printer Explorer
Metadata Settings Set your PDF’s metadata such as “Title”, “Subject”, “Creator” etc. Printer Explorer
Stamps Stamp your PDF with an image such as “Paid”. Printer Explorer
Watermarks Add a Watermark to your PDF. Printer Explorer
Viewer Settings Control how your PDF will be viewed (Panel, Magnification, Scaling etc.). Printer Explorer
Encryption Encrypt your PDF and set passwords. Printer Explorer
Signature Add a Digital Signature to your PDF. Printer Explorer
PDFA/X Save your PDF as PDF/A or PDF/X. Printer Explorer
Printjob Settings Set timeout and error handling for your PDF creation. Printer Explorer
Modifying PDF Re-use your current PDFs Action Center
Annotate your PDF Add Attachment, Hyperlink, Internal Link, Note, Rubber Stamp, Shape or Text as an Annotation to your PDF Processor
Add Stamp or Watermark or Bookmark Stamp or Watermark your PDF for extra information. Stamp PDF on PDF. Processor
Add and Delete Bookmark Bookmark and modify Bookmarks your PDF for easy indexing. Processor
Add or Remove Files Add or remove extra information in secondary PDF files. Processor
Rotate Page Set the PDF page orientation for readability. Processor
Set Document Info Set your PDF’s information for others to analyze. Processor
Convert PDF to Image Archive and Share PDFs Action Center
Set Image Format Select JPG, BMP, Tiff etc. PDF2Image
Set Image Color Define Color Palate and Grayscale to control image quality and size. PDF2Image
Set Image Resolution and Quality Control image quality and size. PDF2Image
Number Pages Add page numbers to multi-page images. PDF2Image